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Information Sheet

The National Federation of the Blind of Mississippi (NFBM) was organized in 1972. We are an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind, which was organized in 1940. We are one of fifty-two (52) affiliates.

Our membership is composed of persons who are blind or visually impaired, as well as, sighted friends, neighbors, and family members. Our mission is to promote the general welfare of the blind economically, educationally and socially.

We have members across the state with active chapters in nine cities. These chapters are located in Greenville, Ms. Mrs. Verdina Buckner, (662) 335-5617; Grenada, MS, Mrs. Emma White, (662) 226-7658; Senatobia, MS, Mr. Alfred Morgan, (662) 288-9437; Hazlehurst, MS, Mr. Prentice Horton, (601) 643-2438; Jackson, Ms. Ms, Petrina Pendarvis, (601) 540-6308; Starkville, MS Mrs. Beverly Hammett, (662) 323-6229; and Tupelo, MS, Mr. Richard Joiner,( 662) 260-1880. Members-at-Large Chapter, Ms. Lee Cole, (601) 991-9493.

We also have four divisions. They are; Mississippi Association of Blind Students, Ms. Angel Yarbor, (228) 224-9023, Mississippi Diabetes Division, Ms. Patrina Pendarvis, Coordinator, (601) 540-6308 and Rev. Sam Gleese, Co-Coordinator, (601) 259-7321, Mississippi Senior Division, Adeline Escoffery, Coordinator, (601) 715-5042 and the Parents of Blind Children Division, Ms. Sara West, President (662) 574-3942.

To accomplish our mission we promote the following activities or services:

White Cane Bank
Purchase white canes for children who are blind or visually impaired and replace worn out canes of adults.

Scholarship Fund
Award scholarships to a graduating high school student entering college or a trade school, or a blind person already enrolled in an institution of higher learning

Aids and Appliances
Assist in the purchase of aids and appliances that will aid the blind in performing daily task

Workshop or seminars
Conduct sessions that will educate blind individuals in daily living skills including leadership and social skills

Convention Scholarships
Assist blind individuals in attending state and national conferences which provide information and training that enable them to live independent lives

Public education
Distribute information to the general public on the attribute of the blind

Serve as a support network for the newly blinded individuals, complete with referral and resource information about available services

Your financial support in general or for a specific project would be highly appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible. Receipts will be provided upon request.