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The births of the Mississippi affiliate in 1972 and the PAC Plan sometime later can definitely be credited to Mr. E U Parker of Laurel, MS. It was his decision to ensure that his life and that the lives of all blind fellow Mississippians would be forever changed for the better by joining the National Federation of The Blind, one of the largest non-profit organizations of the blind.

Mr. Parker knew that the PAC Plan idea would be something great for fellow Federationist and anyone else who wanted to participate. He believed in his idea so much that he presented it to Dr. Jernigan of the National Federation of The Blind and soon it officially went National.

What is the PAC Plan? It’s the Pre-Authorized Check Plan which is a way for members to make a direct automatic monthly contribution to the organization.

As the PAC Plan coordinator for the state of Mississippi I’m appealing to all NFB members, if you’re enrolled in the PAC Plan, to please consider increasing your contributions as much as possible. Those members not enrolled in the PAC Plan I appeal to you to join, help support our cause, by donating the largest amount you can afford or you can participate with a small amount as low as $5 a month.

Let us in the Mississippi affiliate have a 100% participation in the PAC Plan. Join me in attaining the goal of a $1,000 monthly contribution from Mississippi!

We together can do awesome things! One string of a cord separated from the others can easily be broken but when join and intertwined together with all of the others it will be a hard task to break! Come let us make Mr. E U Parker proud and make a difference by rising to the top, don’t you think we can?

If you have any questions about the PAC Plan, my contact information is listed above for your convenience.